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With Husband in Tow
Experiencing Miskawaan – A Luxury Villa in Koh Samui

About a year ago, we spent about 10 days exploring Koh Samui with some of our friends. Staying in a handful of luxury villas in Koh Samui, Thailand, was a dream come true. And, one that I’ve wanted to recreate ever since then.

Miskawaan is set on Mae Nam beach in Koh Samui, a picturesque beach front location that feels tranquil and remote. But, it is not so far away from all of the Koh Samui attractions, and top restaurants and bars. Miskawaan offers 11 private villas, all with 5 star luxury service.

Miskawaan is situated in a great central location on the North Coast of Koh Samui. Local restaurants are steps away from the villas. Every Thursday night, nearby Mae Nam village hosts a walking street with street food and local market stalls. The villas are also only a ten minute drive to Fisherman’s Village, and 20 minutes from Chaweng.

It is nice to know the villas are close to activities, but part of renting a luxury villa in Koh Samui means staying in the villa, and just relaxing in luxury. Miskawaan’s luxury service means the villa comes with a private “Villa Manager” who takes care of all guests’ needs. The Villa Manager can recommend places to eat nearby, arrange for transport, and organize all sorts of in-villa activities. Some of the possible in-villa activities include Thai boxing, yoga, private spa experiences, or even organizing a private beach party. The possibilities are endless.

The in-villa staff and Miskawaan team have vast experience in tailoring the perfect luxury stay. The team will discuss everything with guests personally, in detail, before arrival to ensure all luxury requirements are fulfilled.

One of the best parts of booking a Koh Samui luxury villa, is that it is a great way for groups, and families to travel together. Each of Miskawaan’s 11 villas can accommodate between 4 and 28 (yes 28!) adults. This makes it the perfect way for families, or a group of friends, to vacation together.

Last year, during our Koh Samui luxury villa tour, it was so nice having each of the large villas to ourselves. Each morning, we woke and had breakfast with our friends. We lounged around the pool all day together. In the evening, we either ventured out for dinner, or had the in-villa chef prepare a feast. We were able to enjoy the public spaces of the villa, with privacy. It made the entire experience that much more memorable.

Similar to our experience last year, each Miskawaan villa has a kitchen, lounge, and large private outdoor swimming pool with garden. There are also both indoor and outdoor dining areas. It’s possible to self-cater, and buy groceries and cook your own meals. But, what we found is that having an in-villa dining experience, prepared by a personal villa chef, was about the same price as eating out. And, it was so much more enjoyable!

This year, Miskawaan was placed within the ‘Conde Nast Johansens’ Luxury Collection, meaning it is the perfect luxury villa in Koh Samui. I love this kind of travel, having a private luxury villa to enjoy with our friends. It is an experience I would love to have over and over.

One Step 4Ward - Johnny Ward
One Step 4Ward

I was lucky enough to recently get the chance to stay in the Miskawaan Luxury Beachfront Villas – Villa Waterlily recently and I was so impressed by the villa and the service I got there, that I thought I should write a little review of my experience and why I want to tell all of you about it.

Who is it for?

For me I’d say it’s for groups of friends, or for families . One of the best parts about staying there was certainly the atmosphere, it felt very relaxed and not too serious, unlike a lot of expensive hotels, so it’s a great place to chill (and work online like me!). The best part is that you really do have a luxury pad, with everything you need. The villas are spacious enough for large families & groups, (it’d also be a great place for a wedding/party but let’s keep that between us!).  From a financial standpoint it’s not ideal couples as the smallest villa is a 4 bedroom (which can be priced as a 2 bedroom), but if you’re throwing money around, then it still works.

The Location

The villas are located on Maenam beach, which means as soon as you open the villa door, you get hit by the most amazing view – clear blue sea, I just wanted to go and dive in!!

I was surprised of how quiet the beach was, I hardly saw another person which was brilliant. It was so refreshing to enjoy a non-overcrowded beach. Maenam itself is a lovely area, within a 5 minute walk, you can be in Maenam village which has a cute little Chinese temple and many local restaurants, so dining out is very easy too. One of my fav things about Thailand is the affordable awesome food on every corner.

I was lucky enough to experience the walking street markets which takes place every Thursday, try to time it for that and please please don’t be scared to try Thai street food, it’s safe and delicious!! You can also eat very cheaply here, go to a local Thai restaurant and enjoy a Phad Thai, this will set you back a whopping $2!!

A little bit about Villa Waterlily

Ok, so I already mentioned the stunning view when I walked through our door, but let’s give you a little more detail. The villa I stayed in had 5 bedrooms, all super huge and en suite. (Obviously) I took the master bedroom, overlooking the ocean; what a way to wake up in the morning!!

The villa has a large L shaped pool, plenty of garden space, outdoor Sala, BBQ, a lounge and a kitchen. In the morning, I was met by my villa manager and chef, who then prepared us a beautiful spread of both hot & cold dishes. The outdoor dining area is the perfect way to take in the ocean views. This is the life that I wanna live forever!

The Service

I was really impressed from the first moment I got off the plane as I was greeted at the airport by the villa manager, not only did he greet me in English, but he was super chatting and answered my zillion questions from the moment we met, until the moment we departed. It’s always both weird and amazing how quickly you can bond with your staff in places like this, especially in private villas, they almost become like family!

Like often in my life, I was in and out quite quickly to so I missed a few of the activities, however within the rates you can enjoy a 1 hour massage & kayak use. Also, the prices included airport transfers, Wi-fi and they recently added Netflix to their villas too – dangerous because lounging around drinking wine and watching movies in paradise is all too easy.

The ‘in-villa chef’ service is just unreal. We were given an extensive menu with a good choice of western & Thai cuisine. It’s also suprisingly cheap. Starter of spring rolls and Chicken Satay, then a main of Massaman curry (LOVE IT!)  only set us back around $50 for 2, madness! To actually see the chef prepare and cook your food is a pretty cool experience too.

Overall, to have such a personal service is a real treat. You have your own luxury home with all the benefits of having hotel services….the great thing is, you don’t have to share anything!!

Other things that impressed me

I think the thing that impressed me the most was the small details and the attentiveness shown towards us. Of course it’s easy to make a place gorgeous with a big budget, but what about all the little things? For me personally, to have your villa manager there when you need say something small, like a cold drink or a cold towel is just something you do not always easily get in a hotel.

Also, by looking at their in-villa massage menu – each 1 hour massage costs THB 550 (less than $20). Compare this against a hotel, you would look to pay around THB 3,000 for this service! The value here is insane.


The very friendly staff did remind me that if I wanted to come back in October as they are running apromotion, offering free nights in October. This is perfect for anyone looking to get the most for their money during this time. The villas also do other promotions throughout the year, works out pretty good value if you go with friends or family.

Luxury Travel Diary
Villa Bougainvillea
Luxury Travel Diary – Blog Review

Two words: Paradise found. The Miskawaan Luxury Beachfront Villas are not a hotel, they are an escape to paradise where privacy meets impeccable service and the promise of luxury is around every corner in a setting that is simply to die for. I am a traveler who does not like to repeat experiences and looks for new accommodations if returning to a previously visited locale, but I can guarantee that I will be back to Miskawaan and can’t wait for the opportunity. The property is encompassed of 11 beachfront villas each with private pool and gated entry to pristine personal stretch of beach. Located on the world famous Mae Nam Beach, the turquoise waters are steps from your lavish lodgings. With villa options sleeping 8 to 14 adults, it is an ideal option for families as well as groups of friends. Villas Sila and Wayu can accommodate 14 adults and 6 additional children with bunkrooms. The entire complex can be rented for weddings or corporate events while keeping guests close together but offering personal space to truly relax in paradise. My favorite perks? A private villa manager who acts as your personal concierge as well as a private chef complete this amazing package.

Each villa is enhanced by a private pool complete with immaculately landscaped gardening and cushioned lounge chairs, daybeds and umbrellas. I’m not sure how many hours I whiled away in the sun surrounded by the sound of the waves and intermittent dips in the cool pool waters, but I only wish I were there again right now. Step through the pool’s gated entry to the silver sands of Mae Nam Beach. Shallow waters made it possible to walk out quite far for a dip, which was wonderful to take in the surroundings. Kayaks and paddleboards are available for daily use at your request to explore the sea which we took advantage of daily. The beach is a peaceful escape as this stretch is privately held by the hotel and is only for you and fellow guests to take advantage of. The villas were not fully booked during our stay so the beach was that much more peaceful and we hardly saw another guest. Miskawaan can also arrange for other water sport activities such as jet skiing, kite boarding, deep-sea fishing and boat charters should you choose.

There are restaurants within walking distance of the villas along the beach as well as options just a short car ride away that can be arranged by the hotel management. Koh Samui’s nightlife spots are nearby and your villa manager can take care of all transport and reservations for you. No single standing restaurant or bar reside on the hotel property; however, there is something that every lover of luxury travel will be pleased to hear. Each villa comes complete with your own personal chef. Each day we were allowed to choose what time we would like our breakfast served and what we would like to have. The freshest local fruits awaited us each morning and we woke to the smells of freshly brewed espresso and omelets being made. There is a very large menu to select choices from for your entire stay. We were told any dietary restrictions could be met and if something wasn’t offered on the menu that we would like that the chef would do everything possible to make it available. There was no need to even ask for anything that wasn’t listed on the menu as it seemed there was more than enough. The lunches and dinners were even better than the breakfasts and we didn’t think it could be possible. The best Thai food that I have ever eaten and will dream about was served to us at our dining table that looked out over the sea. If traveling with children the chef is happy to cater to a kid’s preference in cuisine. Western dishes are also available to those who aren’t as keen about Thai food or might simply have a craving for a taste from home. Do take advantage of the amazing seafood offerings cooked countless ways. My mouth waters thinking of the various dishes we indulged in. On our final evening at Miskawaan our villa manager arranged for an oceanfront al fresco dinner. It was utterly romantic and such a wonderful surprise we had never thought to request. This might not be something every manager takes the initiative to organize so know that it is also available upon request.

The villas are wonderfully spacious and afford guests room to mingle as well as places for privacy. All bedrooms are en suite, some with personal outdoor shower which is a wonderful perk, each with their own ocean view. Sea breezes billow through the open concept communal living space while the bedrooms are cooled down with individually controlled air conditioners. The kitchen is kitted out with high-end Siemens appliances where you can cook for yourself or enjoy the flavors that the chef seems to effortlessly produce. The living area is a relaxing spot for a respite from the sun where you can lounge atop cushions that you sink into and a recommended afternoon siesta location by yours truly. Fresh flowers seemed to appear throughout our stay making the villa smell as sweet as the pool garden and at dusk each day mosquito candles were lit to keep any annoying bites at bay. Impeccable service by a wonderful staff saw to all of our needs while remaining nearly invisible. Every detail was looked after without our ever having to ask.

When you are in paradise and looking for serious relaxation a spa treatment usually comes to mind. And while Miskawaan does not offer an onsite spa, they are able to arrange for in-villa massages and also work with numerous spas in the area and can arrange for a perfect day of pampering. We also saw many massage parlors along the main road within a few minutes walk of the hotel which looked to be quite popular. If you are looking for a little adventure there are many options to get your adrenalin fix or cultural intake. The hotel can arrange various day tours around the island to other beaches, national marine parks as well as eco safaris at Na Maung. Yoga and Thai boxing, jet skiing, kite surfing, snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, elephant ride tours, cooking lessons…the options seem endless. Our villa manager arranged for us a spa day at Tamarind Springs, a must-visit spa if you want to experience amazing private outdoor treatment spaces surrounded with the sounds of the birds and breezes through the trees. Some spas have to play soundtracks while you receive your massage but at Tamarind Springs, nature is the soundtrack and it is beyond relaxing.

As I’ve said, I have never repeated a vacation down to the detail but I would do a stay at Miskawaan again, and again, if given the opportunity. The attention to detail, postcard-like views, amazing culinary experience and relaxation at its finest will keep me thinking about Miskawaan for a long time to come. I would highly recommend a trip with family or friends to one of these amazing villas and can certainly see why groups have reserved the entire property for weddings, anniversaries, birthday celebrations and corporate events. The only caveat is that if you are traveling as a couple you will need to rent an entire villa as there are no options for single rooms, but having your own private oceanfront villa is something that simply can’t be beat.

Miskawaan Luxury Beachfront Villas, Koh Samui



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Miskawaan launched its Travel Book via Create Trips

Our travel book is now live via Create Trip. Make sure you download it to get the close insights to our villas and the services that you will find useful whilst in Koh Samui.

Through this link, you can view the desktop version.

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