Обзор Miskawaan villas, Самуи пляж Маенам

Самуи — один из самых популярных курортных островов Таиланда. Многие его любят за спокойную атмосферу, комфортный отдых и развитую туристическую инфраструктуру. В отличие от шумных Паттайи и Пхукета Самуи имеет имидж респектабельного курорта. Причем, визитной карточкой тут является не огромные фешенебельные отели, а уеденные виллы, куда можно приехать большой семьей или компанией друзей и уютно и с комфортом провести время.

Is This the Most Beautiful Beach Front Villa in Thailand?

Because the standard of accommodation across Koh Samui is high, it can be tempting to just book any 5 star room. But if you’re looking to experience true luxury; private infinity pools, personal chefs and an exclusive section of the beach; you should book a private luxury villa instead. And I believe we’ve found the most beautiful villa in Thailand; Villa Acacia – one of the 11 incredible villa’s in the Miskawaan set.

Luxury Travel Diary – Blog Review

Two words: Paradise found. The Miskawaan Luxury Beachfront Villas are not a hotel, they are an escape to paradise where privacy meets impeccable service and the promise of luxury is around every corner in a setting that is simply to die for. I am a traveler who does not like to repeat experiences and looks for new accommodations if returning to a previously visited locale, but I can guarantee that I will be back to Miskawaan and can’t wait for the opportunity.

One Step 4Ward

I was lucky enough to recently get the chance to stay in the Miskawaan Luxury Beachfront Villas – Villa Waterlily recently and I was so impressed by the villa and the service I got there, that I thought I should write a little review of my experience and why I want to tell all of you about it.

Experiencing Miskawaan – A Luxury Villa in Koh Samui

About a year ago, we spent about 10 days exploring Koh Samui with some of our friends. Staying in a handful of luxury villas in Koh Samui, Thailand, was a dream come true. And, one that I’ve wanted to recreate ever since then. Miskawaan is set on Mae Nam beach in Koh Samui, a picturesque beach front location that feels tranquil and remote. But, it is not so far away from all of the Koh Samui attractions, and top restaurants and bars. Miskawaan offers 11 private villas, all with 5 star luxury service.