Koh Samui Health Clinic

Miskawaan Health Group (MHG) is a unique full-service health clinic that empowers you to understand your unique healthcare profile and through our non-pharmaceutical proprietary treatments, unlock the extraordinary you that is hiding within.

Modern living, fast-paced lives, exposure to all manner of toxins, pollutants & synthetic chemicals affect us all differently. We recognise this and over 30 years, have fine-tuned diagnostic and preventative treatment protocols to help support your body to remain strong. If you are suffering an illness, or chronic condition, we can help support you in your recovery. Achieve quality of life, clarity of thought and health longevity.

Discover the extraordinary you with Miskawaan Health Group.


Through our non-pharmaceutical proprietary treatments developed in Germany, it is our goal to help you rejuvenate your body the way nature intended, by strengthening your immune system. If you are suffering from an illness or chronic condition, we can also support you in your recovery.

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Health Clinic PACKAGES

We are aware that healthcare and wellbeing aren’t just about clinics and doctors. We believe the need to unwind and relax is just as important to your health and wellbeing and so have partnered with Miskawaan Luxury Villas, Koh Samui, to bring you two additional packages, the Individual Package, and the Corporate (Executive) Retreat Package.

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